Go to Edgeland with Underworld’s Karl Hyde & Leo Abrahams.

Hear Karl Hyde & Leo Abrahams talk about Edgeland in Echoes Tonight.

Hyde-SingingIn the 1980s, Rick Smith and Karl Hyde got together in a band called Freur and then formed the influential electronic dance group Underworld.  They’ve been musically inseparable until recently.  Rick Smith scored the soundtrack for Trance and Karl Hyde released his solo debut, working with Brian Eno collaborator, Leo Abrahams.   The album is called Edgeland.  I travel with Karl Hyde and Leo Abrahams to the outskirts of civilization.


Karl Hyde Painting

Karl Hyde Painting

Karl Hyde on synaesthesia: I’m synaesthetic in as much as I see shapes and hear colors, and colors make sounds and buildings generate words.

Karl Hyde on decay:  I’m largely drawn to what we think of as decay and I find very beautiful…you know, the cracks in pavement or walls, weeds, discarded things, things that I see as markers left behind by people who are on journeys, things we need to find and to follow like a trail of breadcrumbs. I find all of these to be very beautiful in their rhythm, in their sequencing.

Karl Hyde EdgelandLeo Abrahams on improvised songs:  He [Karl Hyde] literally will turn up with notebooks full of lyrics that he’d written often on the train on the way down to my studio.  And he’d just say, “Play something.”

Hear more of Karl Hyde & Leo Abrahams’ interview in Echoes tonight.

FurtherListening: Brian Eno’s Stormy Seas
Interview with Leo Abrahams

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