Interview: Marconi Union & Jah Wobble

Hear an interview with Marconi Union & Jah Wobble tonight on Echoes

In a surprising collaboration, English ambient band Marconi Union teams up with dub bassist Jah Wobble, best known for his work with Public Image, Ltd.  They talk about their album of deep-dub space music called Anomic.

Highlights include:

Jah Wobble on Marconi Union: I was surprised how romantic some of the vibes were, you know, for me it’s a romantic record. It reminds me of some of the John Barry compositions, Ipcress File and stuff like that.

Jah Wobble on Tangerine Dream: I know you’re a Tangerine Dream fan, aren’t you?  And I was.  I discovered them because I heard them when I was on Virgin Records with PIL   Tangerine Dream were the antidote for me then to the great big groove music, you know.

Jah Wobble on Classical music in Dub:  I’m not joking, really.  I’d love to make an orchestration with some classical music with dub.

Hear more in the Echoes interview with Jah Wobble and Richard Talbot from Marconi Union tonight on Echoes.

Here’s a video from Anomic:

Here’s a video from Marconi Union’s last album, Different Colours, an Echoes CD of the Month.

Here’s Jah Wobble with Julie Campbell as Psychic Life.

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