Best of Echoes 2012 Poll Is Open.

Now that the Presidential Election is over, vote in a poll where you can really have an impact.
We’ve launched the Best of Echoes 2012 Poll.

You can win some great prizes including,
One Year Membership to the Echoes CD of the Month Club A One Year Subscription to Echoes On-Line so you can hear Echoes 24/7 on your iPhone, iPad or Droid
Tangents – The Echoes Living Room Concerts V.18

It’s been an interesting year for music.  As I put my Top 25 together, it seems like the CD of the Month picks are as good or better than ever, but there doesn’t seem to be the easy standout albums that you think should obviously be in the top tier.  In fact, the Best of Echoes So Far mid-year list seemed so much easier.

You’ll see the Echoes lists soon enough, but we want to hear yours.  The Best of Echoes Poll is eagerly anticipated not only by listeners, but by musicians and the music industry.  It’s one of the few polls that actually considers the music you hear on Echoes.  So if you’ve been listening and adding CDs and downloads to your collection that you heard on Echoes, then go to the Echoes Poll now.  And since this isn’t Publisher’s Sweepstakes or a poll with millions of participants, you actually stand a very good chance of winning one of the seven prizes; prizes that bring more great music into your life.



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