Summer Ends on Ambient Note: Echoes Top 25 for August.

Four recent CD of the month selections are in the Top Ten of the Echoes Top 25 for August, including our number one CD, Sebastian Plano’s The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts, an album that is sure to be in our Top 25 year end list.


  1. Sebastian Plano – The Arrhythmical Part of Hearts
  2. Thierry David – Stellar Connection (Real Music)
  3. Mark Dwane – Archives 2 (Mark Dwane Music)
  4. Marconi Union – Different Colours (Just Music)
  5. various – The Gathering West River Records
  6. Eric Tingstad – Badlands(Cheshire Records)
  7. Icebreaker – Apollo (Cantaloupe)
  8. Benjy Gaither – The Last Ride – A Story of Hank Williams (OST) (Curb)
  9. Erik Wollo – Airborne (Projekt)
  10. Dead Can Dance – Anastasis (Pias America)
  11. Mike Wall – A Time for Healing (Open Ear Studios)
  12. Alu – Madhouse Masquerade (Alu Music) 
  13. Jerry Douglas – Traveler (Entertainment One Music)
  14. Richard Ashe – Blue Skyline (Richard Ashe)
  15. Julia Holter – Ekstasis (RVNG International)
  16. Jef Stott – Arcana (Six Degrees)
  17. Tigerforest – The Electric Tree (Terminal 4)
  18. Love on a Real Train – Love on a Real Train (Aeronaut)
  19. Painted Raven – Mirage (CDBaby)
  20. Fous de la Mer – Unreleased and Remixed vol 1 (Elux Records)
  21. Paul Ellis – Fragments of the Great Blue Nowhere (Paul Ellis)
  22. Sync 24 – Comfortable Void (Ultimae)
  23. Johann Johannson – Copenhagen Dreams (Cobraside)
  24. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban – A New Horizon (JLSE Music)
  25. David Michael – After the Rain (David Michael)

CD of the Month
Dead Can Dance

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis


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