Icelandic Chamber Music Heads Echoes Top 25

Skuli Sverrisson’s Lush Ambiences Lead Echoes Top 25 for March.

Skuli Sverrisson’s Seria II was our Echoes CD of the Month in March and it leads the Echoes Top 25 for March, bringing in a lot of other ambient chamber music on its coattails including Meg Bowles’ A Quiet Light, Dustin O’Halloran’s Lumiere and Olafur Arnalds .…And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness.

There’s also a bit of an eastern tinge to this month’s selections.  Michel Banabila’s Migrations has Middle Eastern players on it, Wonderland‘s Kundalini is a trancey electro-eastern journey  and Vicki Richards’ She Vanishes is charged with Indian tabla grooves.  Look for that last album as our Echoes CD of the Month for April.

You can see the complete Echoes Top 25 for March.

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  1. I’m looking for an incredible Icelandic artist who passed this year. Sadly, I don’t remember his name. I heard him on your program. Thank you. Pam

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