ECHOES TOP 25 for October: Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson’s Frio Suite #1

Phil Keaggy & Jeff Johnson’s Frio Suite Tops Echoes Top 25 for October.

October was a strange month for Echoes.  We spent two weeks running down the listeners 200 CDs for 20 Years of Echoes. Great shows.  Not a lot of current music, but we made up for it by playing almost exclusively new music in our regular shows.

51rcYZ66ACL._SL500_AA240_Topping the list is our October CD of the Month, Phil Keaggy  & Jeff Johnson’s Frio Suite, an album that’s sounding deeper and more immersive everytime I listen to it.  Jeff Johnson is a master of keyboard orchestration, in fact, raising the bar for electronics in an ambient chamber music setting.  And Phil Keaggy is simply a wonder on guitar, mixing acoustic and electric guitar, merging styles into his own mult-stringed arrangements.  You can read a review of this CD, here.

Right behind them is Airborne by the Danish electronica artist, Aerosol.  I wrote about this earlier, but this album of spacious shoegaze moods and electro atmospheres is still entrancing us at Echoes.

There’s lots of new entries on the list including Baaba Maal’s collaboration with The Brazilian Girls, Television.  It’s a grooving but atmospheric work full of glitchy electronics and the ultra-lounge cool of singer Sabina Sciubba DJ Spooky pops in there with the sampledelica of The Secret Song and pianist Christopher O’Riley rises to #11 on the strength of his new cover-tunes album, Out of My Hands.

You can see the complete Echoes Top 25 for October.   It also has links to reviews, Echo Location profiles, and more.

Look next month for Robin Guthrie’s Carousel to top our November list.   Members of the already have this album.  You can join them Echoes CD of the Month Clubhere
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