Monday, June 20 - In Concert: Emmy The Great

Her name is ironically ostentatious, but her music isn’t. Her new album, Second Love, is an exploration of technology's impact in the always-on, always-connected world. Emmy the Great comes in with her band to perform live.

Tuesday, June 21 - Interview: Steve Kimock

Steve Kimock has played with just about every member of the Grateful Dead, but he has a more experimental sense of tonality and form. His new album is an all-instrumental ambient work called Last Danger of Frost. He talks about his psychedelic journey on Echoes.

Wednesday, June 22 - Interview: AeTopus

AeTopus is the name used by Bryan Tewell Hughes to create his electronic music soundscapes. Bryan Tewell Hughes gets on the couch to talk about his alter ego.

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CD of the Month June 2016: Aukai


The music of Aukai is like the lost sound of an ancient and refined civilization. It’s both familiar and new, the sound of ancestral spirits touched by a modern hand. It’s a project of Markus Sieber from the duo, Mirabai Ceiba.

Top 25

Echoes Top 25 for May 2016

Hammock-Everything And Nothing

Hammock’s Echoes Cd of teh Month, “Everything and Nothing” leads the Echoes Top 25 for May, followed by Haroula Rose’s “Here the Blue River,” Jean-Michel Jarre’s “Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise” and Radiohead’s “A Moon Shaped Pool.” See the complete list.