Monday, July 24 - In Concert: Endless Field

Guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm have played with many straight-ahead Jazz luminaries, but as Endless Field they have a different sound that’s more pastoral Windham Hill style interplay than jazz blowing. Endless Field comes into Echoes and plays live.

Tuesday, July 25 - In Concert: Ry X

Ry X is a musician from Australia who resides in that zone of ambient folk music like Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens and Fink. He released a beautiful album last year called Dawn and he comes in with his band to play it live on Echoes.

Wednesday, July 26 - In Concert: Wilsen

Tamsin Wilson is an English singer who records in the group Wilsen, creating evocative pop songs with some surprising imagery. She’s just released her album, I Go Missing In My Sleep. Wilsen comes in to play live.

Thursday, July 27 - in Concert: Emel

Emel Mathlouthi is a singer whose songs were anthems for Tunisia’s Arab Spring. Now she’s turned her Middle Eastern melodies into electronica grooves. She comes into Echoes to perform her music live.

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Echoes Top 25 for June 2017:

Wilsen’s I go Missing in My Sleep leads Echoes June Top 25 followed by the electronic road trip of Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren and the melodic finger stylings of Michael Hewett.