Monday, August 15 - Interview: Otyken

The Siberian sound of Otyken. They marry the tribal sound of the native Chulym people with modern production and the ferocious voice of Azyan. We talked to them from their studio in Siberia.

Tuesday, August 16- Interview: Steve Reich

Composer Steve Reich is 86 years old but he's still making the music of tomorrow. He has a new album, Reich/Richter, inspired by paintings of Gerhard Richter and a new book, Conversations.

Wednesday, August 17 - New Music

We hear from Airport People. It's not passengers sitting in terminals with cancelled flights. It's actually Leon Todd Johnson and we’ll hear his new album, From Nine Mornings.

Thursday, August 18 - New Music

Alison Wonderland is Australia's Alexandra Margo Sholler, who is a DJ, producer and singer. We'll hear from her album, Loner. We'll also hear from S. Carey and his album, Break Me Open.

Friday, August 19 - New Music

On a Slow Flow Echoes, new music from French 79, whose new album, Joshua takes a retro-electronic spin. We'll also hear new music by Phil Keaggy‘s Acoustic Sketches 3.

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