Monday, April 24 - In Concert: Ron Boots

Ron Boots is a prolific Dutch electronic artist whose albums are full of Tangerine Dream-style sequencer drive and Vangelis-style drama. He’s also a Civil War enthusiast. He comes in and cranks up his synthesizers to play live.

Tuesday, April 25 - Interview with From Indian Lakes

The band From Indian Lakes is a vehicle for Joey Vannucchi. He talks about growing up on a 40-acre communal ranch with no electricity or plumbing, and making the move from alienated punk rocker to introspective purveyor of ethereal pop.

Wednesday, April 26 - Klaus Schulze's Mirage at 40

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Klaus Schulze’s epic album, Mirage. This album is at the core of ambient and space music and is in the DNA of Echoes. We celebrate Klaus Schulze’s Mirage at 40.

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