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Zone Music Reporter Music Awards 2018

Zone Music Awards 2018by John Diliberto 5/15/2018The ZMR Music Awards descended on New Orleans this year, a quiet counterpoint to the Bourbon Street mania happening a few blocks away. There were no Hurricanes or “yard-long” drinks at this event, nor beads tossed to woman flashing their assets. This is a more genteel, contemplative and sedate…

Thursday, August 18th, 2016-Echoes Program 1633D

Korb, Echoes, ZMR, Flute

Ron Korb has been making instrumental world music for 3 decades. The Canadian musician and composer plays flutes form all over the world, but especially Asia. He weaves his flute melodies into exotic tapestries that conjure up a world far away and sometimes a world of the imagination.