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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015-Echoes Program 1538C

Autumn Equinox

Echoes celebrates the arrival of fall with a soundscape of autumnal moods and melancholy ambiences. These shows tend to take on a more pastoral acoustic tone and there will be plenty of that, but also some electronic tone poems and ambient excursions. Turn your fall foliage into a lightshow with an Echoes Autumnal Equinoxe

The Best of 2015…So Far

Robert Rich-Filaments

We pick the Best Echoes CDs of the Year at the halfway point. John Diliberto then runs them down from #25 to number 1. It begins with a band we’ve never heard of before and ends with an Icon of Echoes. We’ll hear from artists who put out signature releases, others reaching for ambitious highs and still others reflecting on very long careers.

Daevid Allen Sounds the Last Gong R.I.P.

Photo: Gino Wong

Daevid Allen was the court jester and master of madness for Gong, the European progressive rock group who formed and 1969. He left the planet on March 13, at 77. He was a scientist of spacerock, evangelist of glissando guitar, one of the earliest loopers and cosmic Dada philosopher.