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Cluster’s Dieter Moebius Unplugs – R.I.P.

Dieter Moebius was a founding member of influential German bands Cluster and Harmonia, creating a sound that was known as Krautrock and collaborating with Brian Eno. Moebius died on July 20 at the age of 71. We go back to an interview with Moebius and bandmate Hans-Joachim Roedelius from 1996.

Cluster Converges and The Foundry Founders

Some bands last for the long haul, some labels struggle. Philadelphians got a surprise performance from the legendary German electronic band Cluster this past Saturday at St. Mary’s Parish Hall as part of The Gatherings series. The show was originally billed as a concert by Tim Story, Dwight Ashley and original Cluster member Hans-Joachim Roedelius…

Echoes Top 25 for September-Ambient Leads the Way

Digitonal tops the Echoes Top 25 for September, and will no doubt be near the top for the next several months. But right behind is Marconi Union, topping their own record as the highest placing digital download recording on Echoes. October’s CD of the Month, Sumner McKane’s nostalgia-tinged ambient americana masterpiece, What A Great Place…