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Fernwood in Echoes Podcast

Gayle Ellett and Todd Montgomery are modern musicians purveying a backwoods Americana global music fusion as Fernwood. Arcadia is their second album of mostly acoustic ruminations, orchestrated with everything from sitars and guitars to bouzoukis and dilruba in a global music of the imagination.

Anoushka Shankar’s Family Affair

The Daughter of an Icon Looks Back and Looks Forward. Just got a peak at the forthcoming Anoushka Shankar album, Traces of You.  Just to judge from the EPK, it could be her best album yet.  Produced by Nitin Sawhney and featuring vocals from Shankar’s sister, Norah Jones, it appears to be a blend of…

Ravi Shankar’s Last Raga Ride

or I Dropped My Microphone on Ravi Shankar’s Sitar. The word “icon” is tossed around pretty freely these days, and I probably fling it out there more than most.  But put the name Ravi Shankar next to “icon” and you reset that bar to stratospheric heights. There are only a few musicians who stand out…