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Tuesday, December 1st, 2015-Echoes Program 1548B

Jamie Sieber was at the leading edge of a new generation of cellists taking the most soulful of symphonic strings in new directions, looping her cello and using electric guitar-style effects. She comes in to create her looping cello chamber works live.

Yoed Nir Live on Echoes

Yoed Nir on Echoes

Yoed Nir plays live in Echoes Video.Yoed Nir is one of a new generation of looping cellists, joining the likes of Zoe Keating, Jami Sieber, Matthew Schoening and Hans Christian in creating orchestras of sound with just one instrument.  Although there are lots of instrumentalists who loop, outside of guitarists it seems to be cellists…

Linnea Olsson in Echoes Podcast

Swedish Cellist and Singer-Songwriter Linnea Olsson talks about her debut album in Echoes Podcast Linnea Olsson has played progressive rock with Isidurs Bane, backed folk singer Ane Brun and is currently touring with Peter Gabriel.  She’s from Sweden, but influences on Linnea Olsson’s debut album include The Blues Brothers and the “Theme from Rawhide” and…