Yoed Nir Live on Echoes

Yoed Nir plays live in Echoes Video.

Yoed Nir - The Next DreamYoed Nir is one of a new generation of looping cellists, joining the likes of Zoe Keating, Jami Sieber, Matthew Schoening and Hans Christian in creating orchestras of sound with just one instrument.  Although there are lots of instrumentalists who loop, outside of guitarists it seems to be cellists dominating the live looping scene.  This past year, Yoed Nir came to Echoes to play music off his album, The Next Dream.  It was an Echoes CD of the Month this past July and a track from his live session appears on our CD, Ricochets, the Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 20.  In fact, it’s this track, “No Chance Survival” which some of our interns cut into a video.

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