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Echoes July 2021 CD of the Month: Lanterna – Hidden Drives

Lanterna Travels Ambient Country Roads with Hidden Drives, Echoes July CD of the MontnBy John Diliberto It’s been six years since Lanterna released a new album and Hidden Drives is a welcome return. Lanterna was at the leading edge of Ambient Americana. It’s a sound passed down from Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas through Brian Eno’s…

Echoes Live 21

Echoes Live 21

Our latest album of live Echoes performances is here. It’s called Echoes Live 21. We’ve picked the best tracks from the best live Echoes performances and put them on our 21st CD. Here are the stories behind the tracks.

Lanterna’s Backyards Echoes March CD of the Month

An Excursion in Ambient Americana from Lanterna is Echoes March CD of the MonthLanterna’s Backyards opens with the rollicking title track, a screaming ride down the Pacific Coast highway kind of song that you might expect to hear from the Eagles in their rare instrumental moments. It’s a great song with the twangy guitar and…