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Cluster’s Dieter Moebius Unplugs – R.I.P.

Dieter Moebius was a founding member of influential German bands Cluster and Harmonia, creating a sound that was known as Krautrock and collaborating with Brian Eno. Moebius died on July 20 at the age of 71. We go back to an interview with Moebius and bandmate Hans-Joachim Roedelius from 1996.

Tonight on Echoes, Connections from 1967 to 2013.

60’s Psych-Progressions, 70’s Krautrock, New World Fusion and Ambient Chamber music Tonight on Echoes. I must be feeling a bit nostalgic today.  I find myself going back to some of my earliest musical influences and to the early days of Echoes.  From the 1960s, I’ve got a song by Donovan, an artist who I think…

Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Lloyd Cole: Clustered Commotions.

Hear the Echoes Interview with Cluster’s Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Lloyd Cole in the Echoes Podcast. In alternative rock circles, German bands from the 1980s are considered pioneers of sound.  Kraftwerk, Can, Neu, Harmonia and Cluster are consistently name-checked by everyone from David Bowie and Brian Eno to Stereolab and Radiohead. Hans-Joachim Roedelius, a founding member…