Thursday, July 4, 2024 – Ambient Americana Soundscape

Western Goes Ambient on Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape

Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape

On a July 4th we take you into twangquility with an Ambient Americana Soundscape. It’s country and western distilled though Brian Eno ambiences, but still with that country twang. There has been a surge of Ambient Americana in the last few years with artists like Suss, The Royal Arctic Institute and Chuck Johnson. Some call it Ambient Country and we’re good with that to although we prefer the alliteration of Ambient Americana. Country & Ambient would work for us as well. We’re going to hear a lot of those acts and some of the pioneers. It all started with Brian Eno’s album, Apollo in 1983 and was charged further by Ry Cooder’s score to the Wim Wender’s film, Paris, Texas in 1984.  It kind of lay dormant for a while although there were recordings by Harold Budd and English pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole. Find out tonight, after the fireworks, when you can chill your mind with an Echoes Ambient Americana Soundscape from PRX.

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