Echoes Podcast-Oster-Downes-Eaton Interview

A Conversation with Jeff Oster, Vin Downes & Tom Eaton About Seven Conversations: The Echoes Podcast

In the Echoes Podcast, one conversation with three artists who have put out an album called Seven Conversations. They are trumpeter Jeff Oster, guitarist Vin Downes and 6 multi-instrumentalist Tom Eaton. These are three musicians you’ve heard a lot on Echoes with their solo albums as well as collaborative works in FLOW, the trio of Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton and Will Ackerman trio and numerous Will Ackerman productions. But as this trio, they’ve created an album of true ambient improvisation; Three musicians in intuitive communion.

Tom Eaton: I think this project is something we could only make with the three of us sitting together in a room. I couldn’t even imagine doing this, like, as overdubs. Like one of us starting something and sending it off to the other guy or whatever. It just, it wouldn’t make any sense. So I think it has to happen with the three of us together.

This is what great music sounds like when musicians actually perform together in one room. We talk to them in three different rooms across three thousand miles or so in the Echoes Podcast.

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Oster-Downes-Eaton Feature Playlist

Oster-Downes-Eaton – Hushed – Seven Conversations
FLOW – Arrival – Flow
Tom Eaton – Weathering – Weathering
Vin Downes – Each Other’s Home – Good Light to Go By
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Summiting – Departure-Live at Echoes 10/8/17/17
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Unexpected Guest – Departure-Live at Echoes 10/8/17
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Words Overheard – Seven Conversations
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Subliminal – Seven Conversations
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Her Wisdom – Seven Conversations
Oster-Downes-Eaton – A Confession – Seven Conversations
Chris Isaak – Wicked Game – Wicked Game
Oster-Downes-Eaton – A Reckoning – Seven Conversations
Oster-Downes-Eaton – Hours Slip By – Seven Conversations

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