Echoes Podcast: Trio Mediaeval Interview

The Transcendence of Trio Mediaeval: The Echoes Podcast

photo: Trio Mediaeval, at the Big Ears festival, 2024, with John Diliberto

Trio Mediaeval at Bg Ears Festival with John Diliberto Photo: Jeff Towne

In the Echoes Podcast, the celestial sounds of Trio Mediaeval. This extraordinary group of singers channel sounds from the Middle ages up through contemporary composers. We talk to them about their quarter-century journey into the past.  They are Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Anna Maria Friman and Jorunn Lovise Husan. Their latest album is An Old Hall Ladymass.  Although they sing mostly in Latin, it’s not the words that will seduce you.

Linn Andrea Fuglseth: I just love the sound of the language, I must say. It’s also very poetic, the use of the words, like, the different descriptions of the Virgin Mary for instance. Like the Queen of the Seas and the Star of the Skies.It’s just really beautiful.

This ensemble of Norwegian singers are making a music that can bring you to tears. Just listen to Roger Eno when he reacts to the trio after seeing them live at Big Ears Festival for the first time. You’ll hear that as well as what these three women listened to growing up in Norway. It wasn’t polyphony and plainsong. It’s Trio Mediaeval in the Echoes Podcast from PRX.

Trio Mediaeval Feature playlist

Artist – Title – Album

The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos – Puer Natus Est Nobis: Introit- Chant

Enigma – Principles of Lust/Sadeness – MCMXC a.D.

Richard Souther – For the Trinity – Vision

Trio Mediaeval – Alma Mater – Words of the Angel

Trio Mediaeval – Words of the Angel- Words of the Angel

ABBA  – Take a Chance on Me – The Album

Trio Mediaeval – O Maria, Stella Maris – Stella Maris

Trio Mediaeval – Sanctus – An Old Hall Ladymass

Trio Mediaeval – St.Birgitta Hymn: Rosa Rorans Bonitatem – Rimur 

Julia Wolfe/Trio Mediaeval – Destiny – Steel Hammer

Trio Mediaeval – Sol Lucet – An Old Hall Ladymass

Trio Mediaeval – Gloria – An Old Hall Ladymass

Trio Mediaeval – Kyrie – An Old Hall Ladymass



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