Echoes Podcast: Sean Ono Lennon

Sean Ono Lennon's Inner Mounting Psychedelia: The Echoes Podcast

In this weeks Echoes Podcast we’re I’m thrilled to bring you an interview with Sean Ono Lennon. Yes, he’s the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono but if your knowledge of him ends there you are in for a pleasant surprise. He’s been creating his own music over the years with a decided bend toward psychedelia and it’s something that comes out on his new album, Asterisms, inspired by The Inner Mounting Flame record from The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles’ Davis’s 60s electric period and . . . . some other things.

Sean Ono Lennon: I remember taking mushrooms and listening to Inner Mounting Flame actually. So it was actually me and a bunch of friends and .. .It blew our minds so much we jammed for hours afterwards and had a really good time.

We talk to Sean Lennon about his all-instrumental rave up album Asterisms in the Echoes Podcast.


Artist – Title – Album
Sean Ono Lennon – Asterisms – Asterisms
The GOASTT – Animals – Midnight Sun
Sean Ono Lennon – Asterisms – Asterisms
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Mieeting of the Spirits – The Inner Mounting Flame
Sean Ono Lennon – Heliopause – Asterisms
Miles Davis – Bitches Brew – Bitches Brew
Sean Ono Lennon – Thinking of M – Asterisms
Sean Ono Lennon – Starwater – Asterisms

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