Echoes Podcast: Dark Sky Alliance

Dark Sky Alliance - Progressive Ambient: The Echoes Interview

Photo: Dark Sky Alliance. Eric "the" Taylor, David Helpling, Jerry Marotta, Rupert Greenall

It’s a meeting of artists creating an ambient world, when we talk to Dark Sky Alliance featuring Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta, guitarist David Helpling, keyboardist Rupert Greenall from The Fixx, and electronic artist Eric “The” Taylor. Their sound is what happens when New Age and New Wave double-date with Progressive Rock and Ambient. Their debut album, Interdwell, is a study in ambience and soundscaping released on the ambient Spotted Peccary Music label.. John Diliberto signs us up with Dark Sky Alliance in the Echoes Podcast from PRX.

Dark Sky Alliance Feature Playlist

Artist – Title – Album
Dark Sky Alliance – Search – Interdwell
Dark Sky Alliance – Linear – Interdwell
The Fragile Fate – Lilliam Ocean – Lilliam Ocean
Dark Sky Alliance – Fortunate One – Interdwell
Dark Sky Alliance – The Slow Train Home – Interdwell
Dark Sky Alliance – The Desert Mind – Interdwell
Dark Sky Alliance – Warm Inlet – Interdwell
The Fixx – Saved by Zero – Reach the Beach
Dark Sky Alliance – Trè Pur- Interdwell
Dark Sky Alliance – Interdwell – Interdwell

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  1. Thanks Echoes! SPOTTED PECCARY MUSIC will host the group for a live chat tonight on Bandcamp. The album is releasing on Spotted Peccary Music next Friday May 17th!

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