Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 – New Music from Beth Gibbons

New Music from Beth Gibbons and Olivia Chaney

Beth Gibbons

On the next Echoes, three very different singers. We’ll hear the first chanteuse of trip-hop, Beth Gibbons. She was the voice of Portishead, but now she’s solo, and we’ll hear a new single from her. We’ll also have new music from another British singer, Olivia Chaney, off her new album, Circus of Desire. We’re also going to hear from Zanias, a singer who doesn’t use words, but intones in that glossolalia style of Lisa Gerrard and Elizabeth Fraser. Her new album is Ecdysis. That’s a term for molting. Join John Diliberto in the center ring on Echoes from PRX.


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