Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023 – David Arkenstone Interview

The Sound of Winter: David Arkenstone-The Echoes Interview

David Arkenstone talks about his album, Winterlude.  In the glut of seasonal albums that come out, few rise above the pack. This year, the one star shining in a sea of gilded snow is David Arkenstone’s Winterlude. The 5-time Grammy nominee has created a post-classical chamber work that perfectly evokes the season. And he did it without two elements you’ll hear on every seasonal recording. There are no carols and.no sleighbells. Join John Diliberto when David Arkenstone talks about his CD of the Month, Winterlude on Echoes from PRX.
Listen for An Echoes Winterlude with David Arkenstone, live performance on the December 18 edition of Echoes.

Read John Diliberto’s review of Winterlude


David Arkenstone – The Icy Brook Finds Its Way – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – Warm Lights Flicker Across the Lake – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – Whispers of the Winter Wind – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – Kisses from the Falling SnowDarkening Skies – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – Darkening Skies – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – The World Sleeps  – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – The Return of Jack Frost – Winterlude
David Arkenstone – The White Cathedrals – Winterlude

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