Weekend, July 1-2, 2023 – John McLaughlin & Best of Echoes

Shakti Reborn Again-The John McLaughlin Interview & The Best of Echoes 2023 So Far

What a weekend on Echoes. Guitarist John McLaughlin comes in to talk about Shakti and improvisation. He explains how improvisation is related to meditation, putting you in a state of not thinking, but being in the moment, In the 1970s, McLaughlin followed-up the electric fury of the Mahavishnu Orchestra with the acoustic Indian fusion of Shakti. Now he returns with a new edition of this legendary group and a new album, This Moment.  McLaughlin talks about world fusion, gurus, and his long friendship with Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain.

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John McLaughlin/Shakti Playlist

Shakti – Fact to Face – Natural Elements
Mahavishnu OrchestraCelestial Terrestrial Commuters – Birds of Fire
Shakti – India – A Handful of Beauty
Shakti – Shrini’s Dream – This Moment
Shakti – Bending the Rules – This Moment
Shakti – Mind Ecology – Natural Elements
Shakti – Bending the Rules – This Moment
Shakti – Las Palmas – This Moment
John McLaughlin – Peace ONe – My Goal’s Beyond
Shakti – Joy – Shakti with John McLaughlin
Shakti – Mohanam – This Moment
Shakti – Karuna – This Moment

The Best of Echoes 2023 So Far

It has been an extraordinary year so far for ambient, electronic and chilled music, and we’re going to hear the finest of it with The Best of Echoes 2023, So Far. As we hit the halfway mark of the year, Echoes surveys the 30 best recordings, so far. Join John Diliberto when he counts down the best of Echoes 2023, So Far, from PRX.

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