Weekend, Feb 18-19, 2023 – Karmacoda Interview

Decoding Karmacoda: The Echoes Interview

Get your soul shoes on when we talk to Karmacoda.  They started out as a trip-hop inspired band but have transitioned into a sound that is more 70s R&B. We talk to the singer Jessica Ford and instrumentalist and singer Brett Crockett about their soulful affinities, their new album, Lessons in Time, and American Idol. It all connects in the music of Karmacoda.Echoes of the Heart

Some weekend listeners will also hear Echoes of the Heart. Get close to the one you love for a Valentine’s Soundscape. It started as a religious holiday for St. Valentine, but it changed to a Hallmark holiday, but we acknowledge it with the words of Saru, the Kelpian Captain of Starship Discovery.

“Almost every culture has a ritual that gathers it’s moments when it can. Holds them dear. A time to take measure of loved ones and all that we’ve accomplished together.”

So today, I’m soundtracking the ritual of Love and sensuality on Echoes of the Heart from PRX.

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