Weekend, Oct 15-16, 2022 – Native Horizons & Robert Moog

Music for Indigenous Peoples Day & Albert Glinsky Talks abut his Biography of Robert Moog.

Indigenous Peoples Day

It’s Indigenous Peoples Day, the answer to Columbus Day.  We’ll hear a soundscape of Native American music from R. Carlos Nakai, Joanne Shenandoah and others evoking an American landscape from before America. Hear it tonight on Echoes Native Horizons from PRX.

Some weekend listeners will also hear author and composer Albert Glinsky. He talks about his book, Switched-On, Bob Moog and the Synthesizer Revolution. It’s a deep dive into the inventor who changed the face of modern music with the Moog Synthesizer and Mini-Moog. From avant-garde obscurity to Switched-On Bach to the popular music mainstream we hear the tale of this icon of modern instrument making.

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