Help Echoes turn up the chill!

Echoes Summer Fundraiser

Echoes is facing difficult challenges and your support is needed.

We have taken on many challenges in these past two years, but through it all, Echoes has moved forward, discovering new music, investigating the early pioneers and movements, bringing you insightful interviews, and most important of all, maintaining the chill.
The year ahead is going to be just as challenging as the PPP grants go away, not to mention federal funding. But we are committed to the music and the artists who create it and will be striving to bring you the same level of excellence and more.
No matter what the challenges are, one thing is always true:
Echoes will push the boundaries of our imaginations and yours.
And Echoes will always bring on the Chill.
You are why we do what we do. And we need your help to raise $20,000. In the heat of this summer, Echoes may be the best chilled thing out there. Support us now with a donation to help us beat the heat.
John Diliberto – Echoes

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