Echoes Podcast: The Royal Arctic Institute

The Royal Arctic Institute's Ambient Guitar Moods: The Echoes Interview

The Royal Arctic Institute. They aren’t a science organization, although two of them are in the medical field. This band grew out of a lot of music including punk, psychedelic music and jazz. a few of the members have played with 60’s psychedelic rockers Arthur Lee (Love), Roky Erickson (The 13th Floor Elevators) and in the punk band, Das Damen. But they emerged with an all-instrumental sound that has that feel of an Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks score or the Ventures gone slowmo and psychedelic.

Guitarist Lynn Wright:  I call it mood music, which is what they called exotica when it was originally being made in the ‘50s before it became kitsch, kitsch when it was just out. So I call it mood music.

We talk to them about science fiction and fantasy, reverb and drum sticks with The Royal Arctic Institute in the Echoes Podcast.

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