Echoes Podcast: Special EFX Chieli Minucci Interview

Chieli Minucci's Meditative Moods in the Echoes Podcast

This week in the Echoes Podcast, a guitarist who came to renown in the later days of fusion, Chieli Minucci. He is the founding member of the group Special EFX who recorded a string of albums on the GRP label as well as others. He also has a solo career and does soundtracks including scoring the long-running soap opera, Guiding Light. He’s got a sweet new album called Someone’s Singing which, despite the title, is all-instrumental and is one of his more introspective recordings. We talk about Special EFX, his father, who worked A&R for Columbia Records and wrote the this “Domani” and reinventing “Kumbaya.”Chieli Minucci

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  1. Great interview with 1 of my favorite guitar players. I’ve enjoyed seeing Chieli and meeting him several times over the last several years. Please keep gifting the world with your awesome music!! Thanks Chieli

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