Echoes Podcast: Big Ears Festival 2022

Sound Resounds at Big Ears Festival 2022 in Echoes Podcast

Big Ears Festival

Every year I look forward to the Big Ears Festival. It’s a massive event in Knoxville, Tennessee, that covers all kinds of music, most of it on the bleeding edge. The Festival began in 2009 and  every year since 2015 I’ve featured a preview of the show, interviewing founder Ashley Capps. I produced a preview in 2020, but ultimately, Covid-19 cancelled Big Ears 2020 as well as the 2021 event. But Ashley Capps is pushing on with the festival this year featuring many of the artists originally scheduled for the 2020 event.

In the Echoes Podcast, I have a preview of the Big Ears Festival 2022. Ashley Capps tells us about some highlights of the line-up that includes Patti Smith, John Zorn and Meredith Monk.  He also talks about the vagaries of producing a festival in an era of pandemic. Open your ears wide on in the Echoes Podcast for Big Ears Festival 2022 from PRX.



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