Weekend, Nov 13-14, 2021 – Rena Jones & Led Zeppelin IV

Rena Jones Interview & Led Zeppelin IV turns 50 This Weekend on Echoes.

Rena Jones is a polymath. She plays violin, cello and synthesizers and immerses her music in the imagery of nature and philosophy. Her new album is Allegories. We talk with Rena Jones and her accomplice on the album, world music artist Jeff Thomas Potts about the global grooves and hidden meanings on Echoes.

Led Zeppelin IV

We take a Stairway to Heaven on the 50th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin IV, an album that influenced musicians across genres. We’ll hear cover tributes to this monumental recording and some Led Zeppelin tracks, including the one you couldn’t play on Wayne’s World. John Diliberto goes back with Led Zeppelin IV at 50 on Echoes.

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