Echoes Podcast: Sufjan Stevens, Mythos, Patrick O’Hearn

Sufjan Steven's Meditations; Mythos at XXV and Patrick O'Hearn, the 22nd Icon in the Echoes Podcast

It’s a packed Echoes Podcast that begins with Sufjan Stevens going ambient, accesses the 25-year history of Mythos and ends with the 22nd Icon of Echoes, Patrick O’Hearn

First up in the podcast will be idiosyncratic folk-rocker Sufjan Stevens who shuts up and plays his synthesizers.  His songs are great, but he also has an electronic instrumental side. He’s just released a five volume set of deeply ambient compositions called Convocations. It’s partly a response to deaths in the family and the pandemic.

Then it’s the Canadian band Mythos (as opposed to the German space music band Mythos), who celebrate their 25th Anniversary in 2021 with a collection of music from their quarter century and new songs called XXV. Founders Bob D’Eith, now a member of Canada’s Parliament, and guitarist Paul Schmidt talk about their chilled instrumental sound going back to their 1996 debut, Introspection. It’s the saga of Mythos.

Finally, we end strong with the 22nd Icon, Patrick O’Hearn.  He came to renown with Frank Zappa, was a pop star in Missing Persons, then beginning in 1985 started crafting the most personal electronic music on a string of albums that began with Ancient Dreams. We profile Patrick O’Hearn as the 22nd Icon of Echoes.

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