Echoes Podcast: Leandrul & Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt, 14th Icon of Echoes & Leandrul's Psychosis of Dreams in Echoes Podcast

Loreena McKennitt arises as the 14th Icon of Echoes.  She has been one of the defining artists on Echoes for most of our 31 years. She came up during the Celtic craze of the early 90s but transcended that with albums like The Book of Secrets, The Mask and Mirror and An Ancient Muse, creating a lush, often driving world fusion sound that drew upon eastern motifs. And then there were her songs themselves, sung by that voice. Journey on the caravanserai of Loreena McKennitt.

Podcast listeners also find out about the true healing power of music when we hear the story of Leandrul.  Leandrul creates beautiful electro-pop music with deep psychological implications. Her new album, Psychosis of Dreams, is not a metaphor. It’s about her real trauma with mental health and her process of moving through it to recovery. Leandrul goes on the therapist’s couch of Echoes.

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