Weekend, Apr 3-4, 2021 – Kevin Keller Interview

Heart Stopping Music: The Kevin Keller Echoes Interview

This weekend, Echoes listeners can hear about Ambient chamber music composer Kevin Keller. He had a scare in 2019 when he went in for heart surgery. It made him contemplate life and what happens when they stop your heart.

Kevin Keller: “I guess I asked myself the question like well where does one go when that happens? Do you go somewhere? Are you aware that your heart is not beating? Do you know somehow, somewhere in your consciousness? And so this album grew out of that question of where do you go when you’re on the edge of death?”

That contemplation turned into his haunting, beautiful album, The Front Porch of Heaven.  Sit on a rocking chair with Kevin Keller and hear life pass before your ears on Echoes from PRX.