Ane Brun’s New Video for “Take Hold of Me”

Ane Brun's Take Hold of Me

Singer Ane Brun still has not come up with a title for her forthcoming album this fall, but she has just dropped a new video for the sixth single, “Take Hold of Me.” And like every song so far, it is a searing, electronically driven song of existential yearning. The video is propelled by a slow sequencer groove as Brun breathlessly sings about an “existence that is screaming.”  The video is simple, shot in dark shadows with Brun dancing like she’s struggling against the chains of life, lifting herself free though movement. The song crescendos into an EDMish groove that ends on a celebratory note:  “Take Hold of me. Keep this energy steady.” A musician who came up through more of a chamber folk sound, Brun’s new album is looking to be all-electronic and she’s got the perfect voice for that dream pop setting, but then, the Norwegian via Sweden singer has a perfect voice for anything. I cannot wait for this album to come out. Every song has been a gem.


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