Tuesday, June 30, 2020 – The Best of Echoes 2020, So Far

The Best of Echoes 2020, So Far: We Count Down a Pandemic Top 25.

At the mid-point of the craziest year in our lives,  we’re going to take a breath, a deep one, and look back at music that actually managed to come out amidst pandemic and social unrest with The Best of Echoes 2020 . . . So Far. We’re picked our favorite 25 albums and we’re going to count them down across today’s two hours to our number one album, which John Diliberto been hinting at all year. The list includes several icons of Echoes as well as some artist new to the show. It includes all 6 of our CD of the Month picks, which doesn’t always happen. And we’re going to one artist who left the planet in 2020. It’s all ahead on Best of Echoes 2020, So Far.


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