Sheila Chandra’s Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean Live

A Retrospective Moment of Transcendence by Sheila Chandra

Sheila Chandra Singing at WOMAD 92Here’s a moment of Transcendence from Sheila Chandra. This is a live recording from the WOMAD Festival in Bath, England 1992. It’s Chandra, reinventing a song that was originally more of an Indi-pop hit with her group, Monsoon, 10 years earlier. I remember going around London in 1982 on the first Totally Wired interview tour and hearing this song all over the city and wondering what it was. Here, Chandra turns this dance hit into a deep meditation on life and love, singing live over drones created by the songs writer, Steve Coe and interpolating it with two other pieces “Eyes/Ocean”.  If you think this is great, imagine Chandra singing live to you standing about 6 feet away in small cottage near Bath. That was the scene for Chandra’s first Echoes   That Echoes Living Room Concert in 1993 was the beginning of a long and cherished musical and personal relationship with one of the most incandescent people on the planet.

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