ECHOES PODCAST: Alex Somers & Gentle Giant

Alex Somers and Gentle Giant in Echoes Podcast.


Alex Somers

In the Echoes Podcast this week, Alex Somers and Gentle Giant. Alex Somers is a name you hear on the fringes. He’s produced people like singer Briana Marella and Julianna Barwick.  He worked on the last two albums from Icelandic Icons, Sigur Ros and then formed a duo with Jonsi from that band. Now he’s in Hollywood scoring major films like Captain Fantastic, Honey Boy and Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana. I caught up with him in his LA studio where we talked about ambient drama.


Gary Green-John Diliberto, Derek Shulman 2011

Then we’re going to hear from Gentle Giant. There are many progressive rock bands that still stalk the earth.  Yes, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator.  but not Gentle Giant. They made all their records during prog rock’s glory years in the 1970s and then called it quits.  But their legacy continues on as one of the most innovative and expansive bands in the genre.  All of their studio albums were reissued on CD, made available digitally and now their first four albums, Gentle Giant, Acquiring Taste, Three Friends and Octopus are being reissued on vinyl in April. Nine years ago, founding members Derek Shulman and Gary Green came by to tell the tall tales of Gentle Giant, including rejecting Elton John as a member. We’ll hear it in the Echoes Podcast,

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