Wednesday, Apr 1, 2020 – Deep Mountain’s Bapak Dudal

Deep Mountain: The Ambient World Fusion of Bapak Dudal

There are so many great musicians we’ve interviewed over 30 years of Echoes who just never quite broke the surface of popularity we thought they would.  Dogon, Steven Kindler, Janus Ensemble, Greg Klamt, Michelle Sell and Doug Smith are just a few names that leap to mind. An artist who shouldn’t be on that list is Deep Mountain, the recording project of Bapak Dudal.

He was a pioneer of ambient world fusion, but being from Paradakistan, a tiny former Soviet Republic nation, his releases were small pressings, mostly on cassette, that didn’t make it much out into the world. But those who discovered them cherished his music.  We interviewed Bapak Dudal twice. The first time was 1996. We return to that interview when we traveled to the capital city, Sidach and took a hike up Deep Mountain.

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