Weekend, Feb 29 – Mar 1, 2020 – Lane 8 & Jake Shimabukuro

Lane 8's Chill and Jake Shimabukuro Live This Weekend on Echoes.

This weekend on Echoes we talk to Daniel Goldstein, better known as the electronic artist, Lane 8. He makes a chilled brand of EDM and recently released his album, Brightest Lights with guest vocalists that include Polica and Artic Lights. He calls his sound “dreamy back-rub house music” and bands cameras, including cell-phone cameras, at his concerts.

Daniel Goldstein: No, absolutely no photographs during the show.  I mean that’s, that’s something that we’ve been clear about from the start.

Some weekend listeners will also hear Hawaiian ukulele lion Jake Shimabukuro when he comes in with his trio to lay down the dreamy ambient textured music of his new album, including a cover of a Pink Floyd classic. John Diliberto brings us the Jake Shimabukuro Trio live on Echoes.

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