Echoes Christmas Week: Three Days of Seasonal Sounds

Echoes Christmas Week of Seasonal Soundscapes.

It’s Echoes Christmas Week with three seasonal shows to get you, keep you or take you beyond the seasonal spirit, with Christmas and Hanukkah sounds on Monday, An Echoes Night Before Christmas on Tuesday and An Echoes Christmas on December 25

On Monday, since it’s the start of Hanukkah we’ll hear some music for it including a Hanukkah tune from Grammy winners Opium Moon and new seasonal sounds by ambient guitarist Matt Borghi and R. Carlos Nakai & William Eaton’s classic Winter Dreams.  We’ll also hear some regular old Echoes music by Vangelis and Grimes.

On Tuesday, get the sugar plums dancing with an Echoes Night Before Christmas. It’s a time when life seems suspended between the Christmas build-up and the explosion of Christmas morning. It’s not your shopping Mall Christmas carols. We’ll hear music from the Ornamental and Excelsis Volume 1: A Dark Noel albums, Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning & Wendy Goodwin’s ‘s Winterfold and Smoke Fairies Wild Winter. We’ll also hear a deep ambient 73-minute take on “Silent Night” called “Silent Cycles” by Tim Story.  Decorate your ears with seasonal music that’s cool and chilled on an Echoes Night Before Christmas.

On Wednesday, chill out your Christmas with more seasonal songs on An Echoes Christmas. We ease you out of Christmas day with Tom Caufield’s acoustic fantasy, I Heard It Was Christmas Day, Matt Borghi’s Ambient Guitar for Christmas and Gothic chants transformed by Voxfire and Jan Garbarek with The Hilliard Ensemble.

Also check out our Echoes Seasonal Streams at Echoes On-Line. Hour’s long Streams like Winterfest, Christmas Echoes, Winter Winds and Snow Angels will give you a non-stop hours long soundtrack for your Christmas week. You can sign up for Echoes On-Line here. A week-long trial subscription for $2.99 will take you through Christmas Week. Finally, look for Echoes Sonic Seasonings Concert program with FLOW & Friends streaming at

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