Weekend, Nov 30-Dec 1, 2019 – SUSS Live & Mac Quayle

Suss Live and Mr. Robot's Mac Quayle Interview This Weekend on Echoes

SUSS & Quayle

It’s deep ambient Americana expanses when we hear SUSS. They call their music psychedelic country. They come in and perform songs from their new album, High Line live. It’s an excursion into atmospheric guitar twang. We suss it out when SUSS plays live on Echoes. RIYL: Eno’s Apollo, Harold Budd, Hammock, Lanterna.

Some listeners will also hear that Mr. Robot is leaving. After four seasons this dystopian hacker drama is coming to a close with only a few episodes left. So we’re going back to our interview with Mac Quayle who composed the inventive electronic score for this techno-psycho-drama. We dive into the subconscious of Elliott Alderson and his split personality companion, Mr. Robot. Composer Mac Quayle powers up Mr. Robot on Echoes. They’ve just released the soundtrack for Mr.  Robot Volume Six