Weekend, November 2-3, 2019 – Fink Concert-Voxfire Interview

Fink in Concert and Interview with Voxfire This Weekend on Echoes

Fink - We Watch the Stars

This weekend on Echoes, Fink comes in to play live. Fink is the recording persona of Fin Greenall.   He’s a musician who started out in electronic music as a DJ but has slowly morphed into more of an acoustic singer song-writer of deep and emotionally complex songs sung in his resonant tenor with ambient touches. Join us as Fink performs music from his latest album, Bloom Innocent, on Echoes.

Fontis from VoxfireSome weekend listeners will also hear from Voxfire. Remember when Gothic chant was all the rage in the 1990s with albums of Benedictine Monks and Abbess Hildegard von Bingen hymns heard in all kinds of configurations by artists like Sequentia, Richard Souther, Vox and Enigma? A band called Voxfire continues that tradition in the 21st century, taking Medieval chants and turning them into free-floating ambient expanses with beautiful vocals. We talk with the members of Voxfire who infuse their chants with ambient moods, minimalist expanses and even blues harmonica.

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