Echoes Turns 30 and Charts a Year of Celebration

Echoes 30th Anniversary: Still Chillin' After All These Years

Echoes at 30: Still Chilled in the 21st Century.

“Among me and my friends, Echoes is an institution”

Echoes operates in a tranquil, rarified alternative-music universe, . . .. After a hard day’s night, the show’s hypnotic heartbeat and cyclical construction has carried many a listener off to dreamland –Penn Gazette.

“It’s a soothing, out-of-body tonic, a slow drip of acoustic and electronic soundscapes.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

Echoes 30thOn October 2, 1989 Echoes debuted, featuring an interview with guitarist Pat Metheny and music from Tangerine Dream, Andreas Vollenweider and Meredith Monk.

Thirty years later Echoes is still creating chilled soundscapes on the radio and on-line and documenting some of the most inventive music of the 21st Century.

ECHOES, is a daily two-hour music soundscape, distributed by PRX and currently aired on over 110 radio stations across the country including Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, North & South Carolina, Hawaii, St. Louis, and Boise. In addition, Echoes is available online, with 24/7 streaming and on demand audio. In 30 years on the air, ECHOES has charted a course through the modern music landscape and has been the home of artists negotiating the twists and turns of a new 21st century sound.

With host John Diliberto, ECHOES brings together a wide array of styles that includes electronic and neo-classical; dream pop and singer-songwriters; ambient and acoustic music. ECHOES is cross-cultural and trans-millennial, merging sounds and forms, technology and tradition, the ancient past and the possible future. It all blends into a chilled, evocative soundscape.

Noted for its special program segments, ECHOES offers insightful interviews with artists such as Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Sigur Ros, Laurie Anderson, and the highly-regarded ECHOES Living Room Concerts, with Tori Amos, Yo-Yo Ma, Air, Lisa Gerrard, Pat Metheny, George Winston, Loreena McKennitt and Michael Hedges playing live on the show. Echoes has released 23 volumes of these recordings and the upcoming 30th anniversary of ECHOES will see a double CD, Echoes Timeless, with one disc of classic tracks and one disc of recent live recordings.

For the 30th Anniversary, Echoes created a new T-Shirt and logo and aired a retrospective show of Echoes music from 1989.  Echoes’ John Diliberto and producer Jeff Towne released a podcast reminiscing on their 30 years with the show. Upcoming programs will include 30 Icons of Echoes, 30 Albums for 30 Years of Echoes and more.

Echoes, eclectically chill, 30 years and going.
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