Echoes September 2019 Top 25: Hugar , FLOW and on Top

Echoes Top 25 for September 2019

ECHOES September 2019 TOP 25

          1. HugarVarÞa (Sony)Apple iTunes
          2. FLOWPromise (LMB Music) Apple iTunes
          3. Heather Woods BroderickInvitation (Western Vinyl)Apple iTunes
          4. LambThe Secret of Letting Go (Cooking Vinyl Limited)Apple iTunes
          5. Mark DwaneMartian Apparitions (Mark Dwane Music)
          6. Desert DwellersBreath (Black Swan)Apple iTunes
          7. Lana Del ReyNorman F***ing Rockwell (Interscope)Apple iTunes
          8. Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca DanielLightness Of Dark (Little Hartley) Apple iTunes
          9. Jonny LipfordMigration (CD Baby)Apple iTunes
          10. Ioanna GikaThalassa (Sargent Hose)Apple iTunes
          11. Azam AliPhantoms (Terrestrial Lane Productions) Apple iTunes
          12. TychoWeather (Mom + Pop)Apple iTunes
          13. FinkBloom Innocent (R’coup’d) Apple iTunes
          14. Liam ThomasCosmos (Sine Music)Apple iTunes
          15. Cigarettes After SexCry (PTKF)Apple iTunes
          16. SevishHorixens (Sevish) Apple iTunes
          17. MiraMira
          18. Ed CarlsenMorning Hour (Moderna Records)Apple iTunes
          19. Jill HaleyThe Winds Of Badlands (Coranglais Music)Apple iTunes
          20. Thorsten QuaeschningThe Munich Session Apple iTunes
          21.  All India RadioEternal (Martin L Kennedy)Apple iTunes
          22. David PritchardEvanescent (Morphic Resonance Music)Apple iTunes
          23. Rob SimonsenReveries (Sony Classical) Apple iTunes
          24. SUSS – Highline Apple iTunes
          25. FrostlakeIce & Bone (Discus Music)

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