In Concert: John Swana, Tim Motzer and Doug Hirlinger

Improvised Ambience with Swana-Motzer-Hirlinger Live Streaming Now on

John Swana, Doug Hirlinger, Tim Motzer

It’s music created before your ears when trumpeter John Swana, guitarist Tim Motzer and percussionist Doug Hirlinger create music from ground zero. Think Pink Floyd meets Miles Davis directed by Sun Ra. Collectively they have played with David Sylvian, Jaki Liebezeit of Can, King Britt, Vernon Reid, David Torn, Donny McCaslin, Chris Potter, Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson and the Philadelphia Orchestra. We head into improvising space with Swana-Motzer-Hirlinger when they compose and play live streaming now on the Echoes site.

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In Concert: John Swana, Tim Motzer and Doug Hirlinger perform improvisations inspired by their album Channels
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