Weekend, August 25-31, 2019

Meat Beat Manifesto and Emilie Kahn This Weekend on Echoes.

This weekend on Echoes, Meat Beat Manifesto, the legendary British electronic artist who came of age during the industrial and trip-hop sampling days of the 1990s.  Jack Dangers, the group’s founder, is a scholar of electronic music from Stockhausen to Cabaret Voltaire and beyond. He has a new MBM album out, Opaque CoucheWe take an electronic trip with Meat Beat Manifesto.

Weekend listeners may also hear harpist and singer Emilie Kahn play live on Echoes. She used to record as Emilie and Ogden. Ogden was her harp. On her new album, Ogden is relegated to the instrument credits. But Emilie Kahn is still creating a personal indie rock sound heard on her latest album, Outro. She performs songs from it live.

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