Echoes July 2019 Top 25: Lamb, William Tyler & more.

Echoes Top 25 for July 2019



          1. LambThe Secret of Letting Go (Cooking Vinyl Limited)Apple iTunes
          2. William Tyler Goes West (Merge)Apple iTunes
          3. BeaconGravity Pairs (Ghostly International) Apple iTunes
          4. Ayla NereoBy the Light of the Dark Moon (Jumpsuit Records)Apple iTunes
          5. MapsColours Reflect Time Lost (Mute)Apple iTunes
          6. Heather Woods BroderickInvitation (Western Vinyl)Apple iTunes
          7. David PritchardEvanescent (Morphic Resonance Music)Apple iTunes
          8. Michael Gulezian Thunder Heaven Light (Timbreline Music)
          9. PrimerNovelty (Primer)
          10. Gravity_Pairs_BeaconRY XUnfurl (Infectious Music)Apple iTunes
          11. Kevin Keller Ice  Worlds (Kevin Keller Productions)Apple iTunes
          12. CLAVVSNo Saviors (Echo)Apple iTunes
          13. Scott AugustBeyond Summer (Cedar Mesa Music)
          14. Desert DwellersBreath (Black Swan)Apple iTunes
          15. TychoWeather (Mom + Pop) Apple iTunes
          16. Eve MaretNo More Running (Banana Tapes)Apple iTunes
          17. Atomic SkunkBase Camp (Organic Robot Records)Apple iTunes
          18. HugarVarÞa (Sony)Apple iTunes
          19. PlaidPolymer (Warp Records)Apple iTunes
          20. LomeaEchoes in Bloom (Here & Now Recordings)Apple iTunes
          21. Jill HaleyThe Winds Of Badlands (Coranglais Music)Apple iTunes
          22. ELEONFlight Lounge (Heart Dance Records) Apple iTunes
          23. AmetromAtelier Elektro (Bolstronics)Apple iTunes
          24. Forrest SmithsonA Right Use Of Will (Forrest Smithson)Apple iTunes
          25. Cari CariAnaana (USM VERLAG)Apple iTunes

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