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Echoes needs your help!


Echoes has hit the summer doldrums financially. Summer is always a money crunch time, but this summer it’s the most dire it has ever been. While you’re enjoying the summer, remember that Echoes is still churning out new shows for you. But while we’re creating, finances are dwindling.

Echoes did not make its budget this fiscal year. Without the help of loyal listeners like you, listeners who know; then staff, features,
interviews and other aspects of the show will have to fall away to make up the difference.Echoes is an independent, non-profit organization. We don’t have a radio station or NPR backing us up. We’re sailing on our own. We need your help to stay afloat. We’re asking you to give.

Donate to EchoesGive because:

*  Nights wouldn’t be the same without Echoes.

*  We introduce you to artists you won’t hear anywhere else.

*  Echoes continues to be one of the most unique programs in public radio.

*  Musicians depend on Echoes to expose their music.

*  Without listener support, there can be no Echoes.

*  Above all, give because we have been the home of innovative music and chilled artistry for 30 years!

We’re looking to garner $20,000 over the next two weeks. And while we welcome the $25 donations, it’s going to take a lot more than that.

Help us get past the summer doldrums as we sail to our 30th Anniversary in October. Become a member of the Echoes Sound Circle now.

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Donate-Echoes Reverberation

Donate-Echoes Chord

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Donate-Echoes Sound Circle

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