Anna Meredith’s One-Shot Masterpiece Video “Paramour”

Anna Meredith's One-Shot Lego Journey.

by Olivia Forney 7/17/2019

Anna Meredith - Paramour

British composer Anna Meredith padded the announcement of her new full length album, FIBS (out October 25th on Moshi Moshi Records), with the release of a delightfully intricate single, “Paramour” and an equally fascinating music video. Filmed all in one shot, the camera travels atop a winding 1200-piece lego train track, reminiscent of an autonomous Mario Kart game. The camera twists and turns through different rooms, observing Meredith’s band as they perform, surrounded by a countless number of different instruments- synths, electric guitars, cellos, tubas, bass drums, clarinets…the list goes on.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this video is the detailed pairing of visuals to audio. Each instrument is heard in time with its visual discovery as the camera makes its way down the tracks. Musical climaxes explode visually, in tandem with the train tracks hitting an incline. Directed by Ewan Jones Morris, this music video is a stunning visual journey through Anna Meredith’s exciting soundscape “Paramour”.

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