Cari Cari’s Out of this World Video for “Summer Sun”

Cari Cari Heads into Surf Music space with "Summer Sun" video

by Olivia Forney 7/8/2019

Back in November, Austrian duo Cari Cari released their debut full-length album, “ANAANA”. The video for the opening track, Summer Sun, portrays quite a galactic adventure. The video opens featuring the duo, Stephanie Widmer and Alexander Köck, driving a vintage Porsche through space, eventually touching down on the planet of Mars. Here, they meet an array of characters, who are also equipped with vintage Porsches and dressed to the nines in retro outfits (think Hunger Games Capital meets Space Disco). The video cuts between shots of the Martians dancing while Widmer and Köck perform, bathed in a soft orange glow, to the duo grooving to their song as they drive through space in their Porsche. Cari Cari’s “Summer Sun” is a far-out, feel-good song with an equally eccentric music video.You’d never know this duo, who are patterned on the White Stripes with just guitar and drums, are Austrian and not Californian.

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